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0.5 partner
Christina Pirello

“The Best Way I’ve found for my body to Absorb Vitamin B12.” {Partn…

5.1 partner
Sara Kärpänen

Sexual Happiness is Trainable. {Partner}

6.3 partner
Nicole Slinger

Sleep-Enhancing Supplements & 9 More Natural Tips for Better Zzzzzzz. {Partner}

3.1 partner
The Ayurveda Experience

An Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Secret for Conscious Women. {Partner}

3.5 partner
Marisa Zocco

A Field-Guide to Understanding your Relationship with Food. {Partner}

4.0 partner
Emily Bartran

How a “Mindfulness Rebel” Found a Daily Meditation Practice. {Partner}

5.1 partner
Khara-Jade Warren

A Natural Defense against Chronic Inflammation, Autoimmune Disorders & Infection…

9.5 partner
Khara-Jade Warren

The True Purpose of the Twin Flame Connection, According to a Psychic. {Partner}

5.0 partner
Sara Kärpänen

Apparently, how you take your Coffee can predict which Wines you’ll Like. {Par…

5.9 partner
Khara-Jade Warren

5 Things Scientists want you to know about Bacteria (& how to get more of the go…

8.0 partner
Sara Kärpänen

How to Claim Ownership & Celebrate our Sexual Power. (Adult) {Partner}

3.0 partner
Khara-Jade Warren

Not Feeling It Yet? How to Get More of the Benefits of CBD, Faster. {Partner}

7.9 partner
Khara-Jade Warren

“I am a Reducetarian.” A Positive Way to Reframe our Food Choices. {Partn…

6.8 partner
Sara Kärpänen

I Tried an Astrology App to See if I can Achieve my Career Goals. {Partner}

Khara-Jade Warren

What Causes Chronic Inflammation & How to Combat It. {Partner}

4.7 partner
Khara-Jade Warren

How to actually get the Vitamins you need without all the Fillers. {Partner}

Khara-Jade Warren

What’s your Body trying to tell you? 2-Minute Health Quiz. {Partner}

5.4 partner

Stop Wearing Someone Else’s Suffering: 5 Ethical Fashion Essentials. {Partner}

Sara Kärpänen

The Low-down on Lifting Weights with your Bits. {Partner}

Ana Verzone Editor's Pick

The Buddhist Way to Wake the F*ck up & Really Live your Life. {Partner}

Emily Bartran

I Intentionally Tried to Fail Noom’s Weight Loss Program—Here’s What Ha…

Khara-Jade Warren

There’s No Such Thing as Sustainable Fish. {Partner}

Khara-Jade Warren

Are you taking Cancer-causing Glyphosate with your CBD? {Partner}

Khara-Jade Warren

Everything you Need to Know about Collagen—the “Anti-Aging Superfood̶…

Vanessa Boehm

The All-Natural Oil has done Wonders for my Acne. {Partner}

Kelsey Michal

How to go Upside-Down, Without Fear. {Partner}

Sara Kärpänen

3 Ways CBD can Support us during our Periods. {Partner}

Khara-Jade Warren

It took a Life-changing Reading to Change my Mind about Psychics. {Partner}

Khara-Jade Warren

A Simple, Natural Way to Manage Back Pain. {Partner}

6.6 partner
Veritas Farms

Why we have to do our Research before we buy any CBD Product. {Partner}

The Ayurveda Experience

Ayurveda’s 2-Step Secret for Glowing Skin & Makeup Free Confidence. {Partner}

elephantjournal.com Editor's Pick

Planet Over Plastic 31-Day Challenge: Elephant’s Favorite Personal Weird Little Avo…

5.6 partner

What your Doctor Isn’t Telling you about your PMS Symptoms. {Partner}

5.8 partner
Color Up

How to Take Self-Care to a Whole New Level: Add CBD. {Partner}

8.8 partner
Elena Bensonoff

How to Become your Own Energy Healer. {Partner}

7.1 partner
Swiss Medica

Everyone with a Chronic Illness should know about this Potentially Game-changing Alte…

Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Is this one thing the Key to extending your Dog’s Lifespan? {Partner}

9.1 partner
Milkadamia Editor's Pick

Whatever Plant Milk you’re Using, This one might just be Better. {Partner}

8.2 partner

How to Lose Weight Mindfully. {Partner}

7.0 partner
Jacuzzi® infrared saunas

What to Expect when you start using Infrared—Hollywood’s Hottest Wellness Tre…

9.2 partner
Molly Murphy

A Recipe for Relief from Chronic Pain: CBD-Infused Iced Tea. {Review}

9.9 partner
Shaman Sisters Editor's Pick

How Crystals can help Raise the Vibes in our Hearts & Homes. {Partner}


The Truth about Coconut Oil, Cannabis & your Vagina. {Partner}

7.7 partner
Ana Verzone

How to Drink like a Buddhist. {Partner}

7.6 partner

How to get Paid just to Reach your Exercise Goals. {Partner}

7.6 partner
Charlotte's Web Hemp

A Five-Minute Practice to Rebalance your Life. {Partner}

6.0 partner

Leonardo DiCaprio just Invested in this Eco, Ethical Alternative to Big Banks (and wh…

5.6 partner
The Ayurveda Experience

This Ancient Ayurvedic Massage Oil is the “stuff of legends” for Joint &#…

4.8 partner

How CBD can Help if you’re feeling Burned Out. {Partner}

6.1 partner
Sunday Scaries

If you think Mondays should be Illegal, This is for You. {Partner}

Dame Products

Two Ways to have Better Sex with Another Human Being. {Partner}

6.6 partner

How CBD supports Women’s Sexual Health {Partner}

5.2 partner
Dr. Steven Gundry

All your Health Goals Hinge on Just One Thing—& it’s Not Willpower. {Par…

7.1 partner
Green Roads

5 Ways CBD could Change your Life. {Partner}

4.7 partner

Swipe Right for Genuine Human Connection. {Partner}

9.1 partner
Dr. Alberto Villoldo

The Two Magical Ingredients we Need to Age Fearlessly. {Partner}

elephant journal

How to Write, Publish, & Sell the Hell out of a Book in 2019.

9.4 partner
Charity Lighten

7 Things Destroying your Gut Health & 5 Ways to Heal. {Partner}

9.5 partner
Meditation Studio

7 Habits of Joyful People. {Partner}

5.8 partner

Another Reason to Put CBD in your Vagina. {Partner}

5.0 partner
Studio App

I Cheated on my Personal Trainer with this Fitness App—Here’s What Happen…

4.2 partner

A Fun & Tasty Way to Get all the Benefits of CBD on the Go. {Partner}

Waylon Lewis

You’re a writer with message & a community? You deserve to be paid.

2.8 partner
Mother Dirt

This is what Happened when I Sprayed Bacteria on my Problem Skin. {Partner}

3.8 partner

If you’re Feeling Anxious, Burned Out, Stressed, or Depressed—Listen to T…

6.6 partner
Evolving Wisdom

3 Dating “Superskills” for the Conscious Woman. {Partner}

2.7 partner

What your child’s development needs less and more of. {Partner}

5.0 partner

You’re Probably getting Ripped Off Buying CBD. {Partner}

3.0 partner

Are you Failing your Furry Friend on the Food Front? {Partner}

5.8 partner
Coaching at End of Life

There’s Only One Real Thing we can Do for Someone who is Grieving. {Partner}

Trevor Hall

Waylon MCs: Trevor Hall & Friends in Boulder—a two-night Concert & Commun…

4.2 partner
REI Co-op

No Matter our Size, Age, or Background, This is what we Owe Ourselves. {Partner}

3.2 partner

The Hidden Reason for your Belly Bloat. {Partner}

4.4 partner
Naropa University

How a Small Buddhist University became “Secretly Famous” for a Unique Leadership …

4.7 partner
Dame Products

Why we Should all be Masturbating More & 1 Nifty Little Tool to Help with That. …

5.4 partner
Bodhi Tree

What to Know Before you Smudge. {Partner}

4.3 partner

How CBD Helped us Heal: 3 Women Share their Stories. {Partner}

3.1 partner
Vitality Extracts

5 Anti-Aging Plants that are Better (& Healthier) than Botox. {Partner}

4.5 partner
Avocado Green Mattress

America’s Best Rated Eco Mattress now comes in Vegan. {Partner}

Waylon Lewis

My first day in Costa Rica, ever, at the age of 44.

Elephant Journal

Write on Elephant Journal! Get Paid! Maybe! And here’s our top Ecosystem writers in…

7.0 partner
Yoga Wake Up

7 Unexpected Self-Care Tips that Actually Work. {Partner}

2.5 partner
Green Roads

5 Things you Should Know Before you take CBD. {Partner}

3.4 partner

“CBD isn’t Psychoactive”—My Vagina & I Call B.S. {Partner}

2.2 partner
Gabriela Rosa

5 Ways to Make Baby-Making Fun Again. {Partner}

4.0 partner
10% Happier

Happiness is not a Feeling, it’s a Skill—Here’s how to Learn It. {P…

Elephant Journal

Write on Elephant Journal! Get Paid! Maybe! (Here’s winners in August)

5.6 partner
Colette Baron-Reid

Advice from a Rockstar Oracle: What to Know Before you Get a Psychic Reading. {Partne…

3.2 partner
The Ayurveda Experience

Ayurveda’s Ancient Secret for Perfect Skin. {Partner}

6.6 partner

7 Dangerously Toxic Products we’re Sold as Healthy. {Partner}

6.2 partner

How to Find Yourself again after Trauma & Loss. {Partner}

3.2 partner
Yogi Surprise

Self-care is Not about Bubble Baths. {Partner}

4.7 partner
Global Zen Consciousness Conference

The Hidden Scientific Link between our Consciousness & our Health. {Partner}

5.0 partner
Thomas Hübl

Meditation is Not What you Think It Is. {Partner}

Elephant Journal

We’re honored to premiere Trevor Hall’s “A Reminder” Remix.

4.6 partner
Yoga Wake Up

This App actually turned me into a Morning Person. {Partner}

Elephant Journal

Write on Elephant Journal! Get Paid! Maybe! (Here’s winners in July)

Elephant Academy

Tuesday Morning: Join Waylon Lewis for 30 minutes for a Free Elephant Academy Trainin…

3.7 partner
Haiku Designs

This is probably the Most Toxic Relationship in your Life. {Partner}

4.0 partner
Seed Phytonutrients

Swap this Basic Beauty Product & Support Organic Farming. {Partner}