Jeff Ziegler

I’m Jeff Ziegler: Widower. Wounded. Warrior. Waking. Walking.

Not one to get too caught up in labeling either myself or others, I am simply trying to be and become the best version of me. To truly connect with my higher self and simply “be me”. Which means being in tune with my emotions and willing to be both vulnerable and hold space for others. Having said that, my personality type is borderline INFJ/P, which means I am a serious introvert who prefers the company of one or two to many—and parties, bars, nightclubs for socializing are just not my scene. I am a die-hard romantic and adventurer…

My first soul mate, Suzanne, departed this earthly realm in 2018 (she died from breast cancer) and I have sought numerous outlets for my grief. What I have discovered is a way of being that enables me to live her legacy. My motto is “Love matters. Kindness matters. And do no harm…”

When I’m not working on my coaching business, I write. Now along with blogging about my existence, I am working at making my new home a haven and retreat for my true Self. I moved in August 2019 to the first house I have ever owned by myself, without my wife as a cohabitant.

Currently, I am putting into motion plans to create a sustainable farm on the property (it’s nearly 3-acres in North SD county). I have found a new person to share the “good life” with, but with the pandemic and all that’s going on in the world right now, I have learned to be content in my “aloneness”…

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