Emma Parfrement

Emma Parfrement is an empathic astrologer. Astrology was her saviour during a huge period of transformation. After working at the forefront of medical science innovation, her empathic nature meant she was always looking for answers beyond the data—she finally found that with Astrology. She studied/s at one of the most prestigious astrology schools in the UK, the London School of Astrology and continues to seek out new Astrology peers to inspire her practice. She is also a trained counsellor, Reiki practitioner, and yoga teacher.

Astrology finally united all the parts of herself: empath, scientist, counsellor, and general spiritual geek. Astrology is her way of turning over 25 years of trying to fit into the world of science, medicine, and writing—(#loveknowinghowthingswork) whilst living a life on the left of the bell curve—into something that allows her to keep a foot in both worlds, the logical and the numinous.

Her passion is now sharing her astrology writing and practice with others. She is constantly amazed at how understanding the energetic imprint we enter the world with, as well as use to navigate the everyday, can transform people’s lives.

Because it’s all about living in the real world—becoming your own guru, the priest of your conviction, and communing with the divine in fabulous shoes.

Emma can be reached for private readings on her website, Instagram, or Facebook.

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